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Friedman College is located in a suburb of Los Angeles, California, USA. Our training programs are designed to start a new career in in just a few short weeks. Read on to see how you can change your life with one of our courses.
Nick Harris Detective Academy
Established 1907

Nick Harris Detective Academy is the oldest private investigators school in the country and some say the world! The school is designed for the person who would like to become a professional private investigator. Established in 1907 we have the rare claim to be older that the FBI. To get more information go to or click on the name to the left.
Now is the time to train as an investigator! When security is at stake we are the ones to call.
Learn with just a name, address or phone number how to locate anything about anyone. Including but not limited to driver records, court cases, bank accounts, unlisted numbers and more. Nothing is private if you know where to look! This class is not only great for the individuals who want to go to work but also for checking out people in a new business venture. Find out if yor fiance was married before or convicted of a crime! Call today.

California Institute of Locksmithing Established 1972
Interested in becoming a locksmith? This is the place for you! Established over 30 years ago in 1972, we have trained some of the best locksmiths in the industry. Our school is also the meeting location for the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Locksmiths Association. To find out more go to or call (818)989-6386. Our toll-free number is (877)LOCK-411.
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14719 1/2 Oxnard St. Van Nuys, Ca 91411
toll-free (877)Lock-411

Private Investigations

14721 Oxnard St. Van Nuys, CA 91411
Fax (818)994-7427

We have the key to your future!
We teach the latest technology in the security industry!

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Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education